1983 – 1991 | High School – Gymnasium

Theresianische Akademie, Vienna, Austria

Öffentliches Gymnasium der Stiftung Theresianische Akademie – Vienna, Austria

Photo credits: Theresianische Akademie, Wien

Photo credits: Theresianische Akademie, Wien

”The Theresianum, which was founded by Maria Theresia in 1746, aims to instil in its pupils the values of tolerance and humanity that will make them both self-confident Austrian citizens and open-minded Europeans. The fact that even non-boarding pupils spend the entire day at school, using the time for study and other school activities, is a long-standing tradition, enabling them to identify strongly with our fundamental principles. The social interaction afforded by spending time within the school community prepares Theresianum pupils for taking on positions of responsibility in society at a later date.”